Dance Dares

Have y'all heard of the Dance Dares that Ellen has started asking people to start doing?


Basically you go behind peoples backs and dance without them knowing.

So for you're enjoyment on this fine Tuesday evening.....
here are some of the best Dance Dares courtesy of The Ellen Degeneres Show.

Here's how it started:

Here are some celebrities doing it:

And some of the rando ones people have sent into the show:

A couple of my friends from work and I have started doing it.

We fully intend to Dance Dare people in the Disney parks and send into Ellen!

Now go dance behind someone!
I dare you. :)



  1. i LOVEEEE this!!! i just told my friends we have to do it!

  2. This totally just made my day! I'm always randomly dancing in public but I should start doing it behind other people!!!! So funny!


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