The Weekend


  1. SO SO glad that you had such a fun weekend :)
    I absolutely LOVEEE your church outfit...seriously every single thing about it!

    YAY for your cruise being SO soon...ahh I'm excited for you!

    And Pie Festival...SAY WHAAAA?!

    Have a wonderful Monday, girl!

  2. I have that exact same purse! I use it as my "weekend" purse because I have another "nicer" purse for work during the week.

    I LOVE your outfit! You did good!

    I loved reading about your weekend. Everything seemed so random and wonderful. Those are the best weekends.

    Happy Monday! :)

  3. we saw the five year engagement this weekend too! i thought it was hilarious!

  4. i can't wait to see the five year engagement and that pie looks delicious!


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