Sweet Reminders of Home

Hello new blogger interface!

We're y'all as surprised as I was to find a whole new homepage to your blogger as I was?

What is this, Facebook?! 

Well can't say I hate it.  I love the new page for writing our posts!
It's so BIG! 

So I wasn't gonna post today, but I wanted to share something with y'all that someone did for me today.

That someone is Meg from Sweetly Complicated.

Her blog is one of my daily reads and I also follow her on Instagram.

Meg lives in Texas right now and she's a teacher (just from that I knew we'd get along GREAT!)
But I soon learned that she used to live in Orlando, then moved to Texas!

We've basically swapped states.

Anyway....today I was browsing Instagram before work and I saw Meg has posted a picture of the Texas sunset and a dandalion.
(Ps. she is one heck of a photographer so you should def check out her work! She's AMAZING!)

Anyway, I have no idea why, but her picture made me just tad homesick for Texas.
(maybe more than just a tad).
And I commented on her picture telling her just that.

Well, fast forward about 4 hours later when I'm checking my e-mail at work and I have an e-mail from Meg.

It's entitled:  
Sweet Reminders of Home!

And it has this message:

Good Morning! 
    After I saw your comment on my dandelion picture on instagram I wanted to send you this sweet reminder of home! I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday! 


With these two pictures attached:

Disclaimer: Photos belong to Meg! :) Please don't use them without asking her first!

I cannot tell you how touched I was upon seeing the pictures.
I literally started tearing up at work and had to excuse myself to the ladies room.

Because 1. Right now I'm missing home more than just a tad and seeing these beautiful Texas Bluebonnets was just too much.
and 2. I thought to myself, "Wow, this is why I love blogging."
Because I get to meet such amazing girls, who have some of the biggest hearts in the world!

So Meg,
You made my day.



  1. Ahh!
    Seriously LOVE HER!

    I commented that I liked the dandelion pictures on Instagram and she emailed them to me!

    Biggest heart ever? I think so :)

    Blogging = phenomenal!

    Happy Sunday, girl!
    Glad you got a little glimpse from home!


  2. Aw how sweet is that :) I'm a texan as well and those pictures are extremely beautiful!

  3. Oh Kathleen! I am so glad that you like them! Bluebonnets have any Texans heart so I knew you would love this little reminder!!

    Im so glad that a simple picture could give you a little Texas in the Sunshine state! (Although i'm so sorry its made you cray :( )

    I hope you have an amazing week ahead!!!


  4. Oh! I'm from TX but live in Colorado. Bluebonnets always make me homesick (and tamales, and the desperate need I have for sopapillas, and just the sound of everyone saying ya'll.)

  5. Meg is a total sweetheart, and it's so cool that she could provide those photos to you at a time that you needed them most! Who knew, right?!

    I hope you have a fantastic week!


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