Scenes from the Weekend

Yet another weekend gone.
And this weekend was superb, if I do say so myself!

Some newly engaged friends came into town for a wedding (not theirs obviously) and they were able to come to Orlando for 2 fun filled Disney days.

We hit up all 4 Disney parks in just 2 days.
They left yesterday though so I've had 2 days to recharge my batteries.

So here are a few scenes from my weekend!

 I had to work in the morning but I met up with everyone at Epcot afterwards:

We had a delicious dinner in Mexico.
This is Carne Asada de Tampi...yeah I can't remember the last word but it was a party in my mouth!

Then we headed home and attempted to watch The Muppets, but everyone passes out in the living room.

We started the day at Hollywood Studios and finished up at Magic Kingdom.
Actually we finished at our apartment with two 5 dollar Hot and Readys from Little Ceasars and watching Bridesmaids but whatev.

Was a day to recharge the batteries.
Slept in (until about 8:30, womp womp), ate leftover pizza, watched about 3 hours of Sex and the City, then finally got dressed and ran some errands.
My roommate made this for a pre-dinner snack:

Baked Feta cheese with tomatoes and onions.
Spread this on some french bread and it's....


My uncle always says that it doesn't look like I actually work.
That I'm on a permanent vacation.
And you know what?
I am ok with that!

Till tomorrow! :)


  1. Seeing disney all the time makes me want to go back. Haven't been since I was a kid!

    Ps-do u ever get tired of being there? :)

  2. That little snack that your rookie made sounds/looks SO GOOD!

    It makes my hear so happy to see how much you love Disney & how you never get tired of it...I'm living through youuuu so don't ever stop going hahaha!

    Happy Monday, beautiful :)

  3. i order the carne asada de tampi at epcot the last time we were there in May. SO good!

  4. oh, so much fun!! I'd love to just stop into Disney & hang out with friends :)

    glad you had a great weekend!

    {I have a giveaway going on right now & would love for you to come enter!}

  5. Ah! Again with all the Disney pictures...I cannot WAIT to be there in June!! I have got to know where the best places to eat at in the parks are!! :-)

  6. Realllllllyyy sometimes I see your disney pictures and dont even wanna click because I know ill be jealoussss! (but i always do cause you are GREAT!)

    Looks like you had such a great weekend! What a sweet time with friends!


  7. Oh and you looked really cute all weekend.
    that is all! :)


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