Picture a Day (Weeks 11,12, AND 13)

Happy Sunday ladies!

I hope your day has been relaxing and lovely.  I worked this morning. Which sounds terrible since it's Sunday, but it was actually delightful.  I had a great group from Kentucky and I can honestly say it was one of my best programs!  

Speaking of programs, I think I need to do a work post soon.
Y'all have no idea how work is going.  And since one of the purposes of this blog is to show my journey through life, including work I think I need to update on that.

For today though I realized I missed week 11 and 12 (whoops!)  of my Picture a Day project.
So, y'all get week 11,12 AND 13! 
Woo Hoo!

3/12/12: I didn't take this picture but it's totally appropriate because today is Monica Beynaerts' birthday! Happy Birthday Monica! :)
3/13/12: Homemade hamburgers and fries while packing and doing last minute things before Ashley Lynn Surber's wedding! :)

3/15/12: Reunited with my Best Friend! This is where the wedding festivities began! 
3/16/12: Bachelorette dinner party! :)

3/17/12: Wedding day!
3/18/12: Celebrated my 24th Birthday with some great people! :) Thank you all for helping me celebrate!


3/19/12: The day I became an IPhone owner! So far best decision EVER!
3/20/12: Where I spent the entire day feeling a bit like death and sleeping! :)

3/21/12: Birthday Tea at The Garden View Tea Lounge with some of my favorite ladies! :)
3/22/12: Midnight premier of The Hunger Games! May the odds be EVER in your favor!


3/23/12: Thank you Publix for your Buy 1 Get 1 Free specials! :)
3/24/12: Life is so hard sometimes! Lounging by my pool.

3/25/12: This is what I love about Sundays.
3/26/12: My work day included drawing Mickey Mouse. Yeah, my job is pretty sweet.

3/27/12: I can now buy the Harry Potter books on my Nook! :) This is a good good day!
3/28/12: Day o Fun at the Animal Kingdom.

3/29/12: Mini 6101 reunions are amazing.
3/30/12: My all time favorite topiary at the Flower and Garden Festival
3/31/12: Sushi and KU basketball with some great friends, makes for a great night

Well there ya have it! 

Writing this took way longer than it should have because of the individual pictures.
Can anyone tell me why, when I try to upload and post the collages I make on Picnik it tells me I've run out of storage on Blogger.  But when I upload just single pictures it lets me do it with no problem?!

Strange and annoying.

Anyway, hope you all have an amazing Sunday afternoon! :)


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