Oh How Pinteresting!

Today is a very special day!

Why is it a special day, you ask?

Well not only is it Wednesday and therefore everyone's favorite link up! But it's also the day everyone's favorite movie is BACK in THEATRES!

Yes that's right:

is BACK!!!

This is one of my all time favorite movies!
When it first came out in theatres, I'm pretty sure I saw it about 5 times.
And that's saying something because I was only in the 5th grade when it first was released.
Scandalous I know! 
But every since then I have adored everything about the film!
This film is what started my love affair with Leonardo DiCaprio.
(It's a crime that this man has not won an Oscar!)

And you can bet your bottoms I will be seeing it in theatres more than 5 times! :)

So, I felt it would only be appropriate to dedicate this weeks edition of Oh How Pinteresting to all things TITANIC!

Original movie poster.
Source: google.com via Vicky on Pinterest

Source: bit.ly via gilma on Pinterest


Source: wanelo.com via Nancy on Pinterest

Just looking at all these pins makes me crazy excited to see the movie!
Which I will hopefully be doing either tonight.
This weekend at the very latest!

Now go link up with Michelle and show off your pins!

Hope you all have a very happy Wednesday!



  1. I want to see this movie again sooooo bad! It gives me chills just thinking about the memories from when it first came out when I was in the 5th grade!

    Happy Wednesday
    xx, ashlyn

  2. Such a good movie! I remember seeing it for the first time when I was in 4th grade!

  3. Ahh I am so excited for thissss :)
    I remember when it came out in theaters the first time my parents wouldn't let me go see it! So crazy how long ago it was, right?!

    And "Let's be honest there was room for 2"...hahahaha HILARIOUS!

    Happy Wednesday, sweet girl!

  4. Love the Titanic pins! I haven't seen this movie in so long and seeing all the previews on TV (and your awesome pins) now I want to see it in 3d!

  5. AHHHH! I'm so excited too! I was unashamedly obsessed as well with the movie, however, I was only in 4th grade so I never got to see it in theaters! So, I have to see it in theaters now!

    My parents were a little more strict with it. They bought it on the special 2 VHS tape edition when it came out. I watched it religiously. I'm surprised the tapes didn't burn out, ha!

    To make it even better, my husband has never seen it. I'm dragging him along with me :)


    I didnt see it until I was 16 and am DETERMINED to see it in theaters this time around!

    So glad you are as excited am I am !


  7. im such a sad pansy I wont see it again. I hate being sad and crying. silly me


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