High 5 for Friday!

SO.....I just realized that my High 5 for Friday post, that I posted before work this morning, was erased when I submitted the link up.
(I may or may not have tried to do it from my phone while on The Haunted Mansion ride. woops! That'll teach me to have my phone out when I'm not supposed to at work!) ; )

So that means I get to re-write it for you guys. 

Here we go!

Well hello Friday!

You did not get here soon enough.

I haven't had an official day off for two weeks!
It's gross.
Sure I'm off by like 2 everyday, but I never get to just sleep in.

Luckily I have off the whole weekend!

I'm looking forward to waking up when my internal clock tells me (which will most likely be 7:00), drinking coffee out of a real mug (not a to-go mug), and to just relaxing on my couch.

It will be delightful!

Alrighty so now it's time to share my top 5s from this week:



15 days until my cruise! 
(Yep the blog countdown to the cruise has begun!)
I've told Suz that the only thing I really want to do is rent bicycles on one of the islands well be stopping at and ride them around.

Her response was heck yes!  
She then informed me that we could be riding said bikes to this song:

I've been really good about not eating out and saving money.
But this week I treated myself.

I had pleasant surprise in my bank account this week.
Don't you just love when that happens?
When you have more than you thought you would.
Yeah, me too! :)

This little guy and I spent tons of time together this week.
He's totally the ruler of the apartment.

One of my fellow interns, Ryan, is a singer-songwriter.
And not just a closet singer-songewriter.
He's a legit, pretty successful singer songwriter! 

(how many times can I use the word singer-songwriter in one post?!)

Anywho, yesterday he shared some of his music with me.

My favorite is a duet he sings with his wife!
He's even had a few of his songs played on popular TV shows, that we all know and love.
(Real World, Keeping up with the Kardashians, etc..)
Now I tried for like two hours to figure out how to post the song in this post.

But I failed. 
So here is the link to his music website.

Check him out! :) 

Have a wonderful friend and a equally amazing weekend! 



  1. Those Munchkins get me every time! I could eat a whole box of donut holes by myself.

  2. Chick Fil A is the best! It's one of my favorite ways to treat myself, too!

  3. Chick-fil-a looks and sounds so good right now! Too bad it's Sunday and they are closed!!


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