March Madness

 It's March.  
Where the heck did that come from.
Well I'm not complaining because March means several things.

1. It's finally spring. And spring in Florida is the BEST.

2. The Flower and Garden Festival starts in 6 days. So be prepared to see some AMAZING flowers from EPCOT.

3.  It's my birthday month! 
I know I've already talked about this a tad, but I'll be 24.
More on this later in the month.

4.  My best friend is getting married this month.
I'm her MOH and can't wait to see her marry the love of her life.
(Plus I get to actually go home for a few days!)

Cirque de Soleil was so incredibly good I don't think I can do it justice in mere words.
All I have to say is, if you've never seen a Cirque show, spend the moo-law and SEE ONE!
They are totally worth it.

After the show I thought I'd head over to the Magic Kingdom for a bit and experience the One More Disney Day.
I pulled into the parking lot and it was INSANE!
It was about 11:30ish and there was a line about 1,000 miles long of cars waiting to park.
I thought to myself, "F THIS! I still have to get my butt up in the morning for work."
So I drove right back out of the parking lot and went home.
Totally made the right decision. 
I slipped into bed and read my book and went to bed. 
It was amazing. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to eat Sushi...again.
Hope you all had a great first day of March! :)



  1. looks like you are going to have a FUN March :)

  2. AHHH
    Your posts always make me want to get in my car and go straight to Disney ;)

    Yay for weddings & birthdays!

  3. I live for spring in Florida :) Cirque du Soleil is a must see for everyone in their lifetime!


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