High Five for Friday

Once again I am a blogger slacker.

But in my defense, I haven't posted because I just haven't wanted to or have nothing to post about!

I've been out living life and getting some good material to share with you all.

So even though it's kinda late in blogger land to be posting, I'm gonna do it anyway!

I'm linking up with Lauren from My Grey Desk for:


1. This photo is one of the reasons I love living in Florida!
(Ps. I'm totally stealing this from my roommate Suzanne because it was her favorite thing first but it is just too good not to share.)
Isn't that one of the prettiest sites EVER!
Yes, yes it is!

2.  I actually worked 40 hours this week, as opposed to a mere 30.
This is HUGE! 
Because usually we only get 30 hours
My bank account will be grateful for all my hard work come pay day!

3.  Wednesday was spent at Disney's Animal Kingdom.
Taking pictures, getting some sun, and just having a blast!

4. Epcot is having it's annual Flower and Garden Festival through May and on Thursday we spent the afternoon enjoying all the pretty flowers!  
I totally wish I had a green thumb.

They have Disney character topiaries all over the park!

Over 10,000 different types of flowers!

These next 3 are from the English garden in the UK pavilion.

Scattered around the garden are tea cups with the tea leaves of different Twinings teas.
All of which are sold in the tea shop.

You can find these topiaries in the Butterfly garden!

5.  I am still totally L-O-V-Eing my IPhone!
I have no idea how I've gone this long without one.

The rest of my Friday will be spent at home.
Relaxing, getting posts ready for next week, painting my nails, reading, and then relaxing some more.

I know.
I lead an exciting life.



  1. we were there for the the Flower & Garden Festival last year. sooo pretty!

  2. Our Friday nights sound similar...except instead of relaxing, I'm writing papers...BOO!

    I want to go to Disney with you!
    AH SO BAD!

    All of the flowers are gorgeous!

    xo :)

  3. glad you love your phone!! its the best out there! love all your pictures too!


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