Oh How Pinteresting

(is that what you say?)
Anyway, today is a day that we only get every 4 years!
And to celebrate I got to be at work at 4am!

Today Disney is open for 24 hours!
Well the Magic Kingdom is anyway.
They opened at 6am this morning and close at 6am tomorrow morning.

I helped out with a media event that started at around 5:00am.
We had 3 radio stations broadcasting live and 4 different local news stations.
It was neat being apart of something that Disney has never been done before, but honestly it was a lot of just standing around doing nothing for 8 hours.
But hey it was fun and something different.

In other news:
I'm so excited.
It's still just a point and shoot but this time around I got a Canon.
(My other camera broke yesterday.)
Can't wait to start using it.
I decided I'm going to actually learn to use it properly.  Unlike all the other cameras I've had.
So hopefully the pics around the blog will be better too!

Also tonight I'm going to see Cirque de Soleil: La Nouba.
Which I'm ecstatic about  as well.
I've never been to a Cirque de Soleil show and I have heard AMAZING things about this one!
You'll get a full review on it tomorrow.

As you can see I've had a pretty exciting day!
And now to make my day even better we have:


Enjoy! :)

Source: wanelo.com via Deb on Pinterest

Source: bbc.co.uk via Jo on Pinterest

Hope you all have an amazing Leap Day! :)



  1. New cameras are fun! Is it an ELPH? We have an ELPH point and shoot and it takes great photos. Good luck learning it - I am just trying to figure out our DSLR. You should try one of the photo a day challenges - they make using your camera a bit easier.

  2. Last night while I was watching TV, a commercial came on advertising the 24 hour Disney thing and before I could even say anything, my husband looked straight at me and said, "don't even think about it" :)

  3. Ah I have a lot of these pinned, too :)
    The first one is hilarious!

    Yay for your new camera!
    That means more pictures on the blog right?! ;)
    I need to bite the bullet and get a legit camera!

    Have fun at Cirque de Soleil - I've always wanted to go!


  4. I ADORE that Oscar Wilde quote. In fact, I'm going to visit your board right now so I can repin it! :)

    Happy Wednesday!

  5. Great pins, I love the brown and yellow outfit and the believe ring. That is pretty cool Disney is open for 24 hours today, I heard that awhile ago. It would have been cool to go!

  6. yay for the new camera..
    love the globe pin!!
    and i die for that ring..

    glad i found your blog.

  7. I dont know what I love more..the ring or the globe DIY artwork!
    Congrats on the camera, cant wait to see what awesomeness it brings to the blog!



  8. disney for 24 hrs??? I've never been (I think a part of my childhood is missing) but when I do go I wnat ot go on THIS day.


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