I Need to Plan Better

I think I need to plan this particular post better.

It's a post that happens every week.
And should happen on Mondays, yet I can't seem to get my stuff together to actually publish the post on Mondays. 
So I'm gonna work on that.

At least I'm posting it today (granted it's fairly late and I highly doubt anyone is actually gonna read it at this time of night.)  
 But it is what it is.

The weekend was amazing.  
I did absolutely NOTHING!
Seriously, I spent most of the weekend on my bed watching Netflix and catching up on shows I missed from the week.
It was perfect.
Exactly what I needed to recharge my batteries.

As I said I was going to do, I went and saw The Vow this weekend! :)

It was great! 
I cried, I laughed, I drooled over Channing Tatum (and still am), I did everything else you should do when watching a chick flick.
Now I do think they could have developed their (Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams) relationship a tad more in the beginning of the film.
They just kinda of threw you into it.
But for me it worked.
 In fact I wanted more when the movie ended. 
More of their story.  Because it really is a beautiful and terribly sad story.
Imagine losing the last 5 years of your life.
My roommate and I talked about it.
If I lost the last 5 years of my memory, I'd be a freshman in college.
And there are so many things I regret from that year.
I had some great times, but it was also a pretty difficult time for me.
If the last 5 years of my life was erased from my memory: I wouldn't have ever have come to Disney, I never would have met all the amazing people I did, and I may never have become a teacher. 
Isn't that a terrifying thought! 
Blegh, no thanks.

So...I saw go see The Vow if you love chick flicks, if you want a good cry, and if you want to see Channing Tatum's very nice and tones body/bottom! :)

Alrighty, now onto my week in pictures:

(I need to figure out how to make these pictures bigger. Sorry!)

2/6/12:  Flower from the Polynesian.  The flowers at WDW are truly amazing.
2/7/12: Yeah I had sushi AGAIN.  I think I had a problem.
2/8/12:  3 of 6 great friends together again! :)

 2/9/12:  ECGR BF!  I miss the plaid but am loving the YES Program.
2/10/12: We saw The Vow. :)  
2/11/12: Millenium Cultures training group photo. (This wasn't taken on this day but I got the photo on this day.)
2/12/12: Went to the mall and all that came out of the trip was a Birthday Cake Remix from Cold Stone.

And now it's bedtime.
Hope you all had a great Monday!



  1. Oh man, I could totally go for a Birthday Remix right NOW! :)

  2. I love days in bed, watching movies!!! :)


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