High Five for Friday

It's finally Friday! 

Which means I finally have a day off! 
I fully intend to do absolutely nothing today.  That includes be as lazy I can be and watching Season 2 of Downton Abby online and Grey's Anatomy which I missed last night.

But tonight is a different story, because it's February 10th and ladies, we all know what that means!
The Vow is out in theatres!  
The roommates and I fully intend on seeing this tonight and we probably need to get to the there uber early so we can get a good seat.  Because I have a feeling we girls will be out in massive groups to see this film!

Alrighty well, on this fine Friday I'm going to link up with Lauren from My Grey Desk for:


My five favorite things from this week in random order:

1. I finally finished training for the YES Program.  And I will be back on a regular schedule. Which means regular days off.

2.  I bought my plane ticket home for my best friends wedding! It's in March and I can't wait! I get to actually visit home too.  That means I get Taco Cabana again and Whataburger AND I get to see my sweet kitty that I miss desperately.  

3.  Another of my best friends Katie came to visit. Suzanne and I got to spend the evening at Epcot with her!

Our yummy adult beverages!

4. We finally get to see The Vow.  Seriously I am so excited for this movie.
I love Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum.
Ah so excited!

5.  I filed my taxes.  
Now why is this one of my favorite things from the week? 
Well because I get a refund of course! I'm kinda bummed because while I was doing them I forgot to check the box that stated my parents could still claimed me as dependent. Which they can only because I was in school for half of 2011.  So after I went back and checked that box my refunded reduced it self pretty significantly.  But its ok, I'm still getting more than I got last year!  

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend,



  1. TACO C!!!! Oh how do you ever live with out that!!! :)

    So sweet yout friends got to come see you ( When I lived in Orlando we ALWAYS had visitors!! It was always so fun)

    and the VOW I better hear a review! I wont be able to see it until later this week!

    happy FRIDAY!!!

  2. Yay! Seeing the Vow Sunday! Excited! :)

    I'm going to see it tomorrow :)

    Yay for being all done with training - good for you, girl!

    i know the feeling on the taxes - my parents are claiming me this year, too since I lived with them last year...oh well!

    Have a super wonderful RELAXING day off okay beautiful?!

    :) xo

  4. I also love Rachel and Channing! So excited to see The Vow!

  5. Happy weekend to you! I can't wait to see The Vow too!



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