Oh How Pinteresting and a Confession

Ok, I have a confession.
Not a serious confession, but a confession none the less.

I want one of these babies:

I've been pretty happy with the phone I have because I can check Facebook, my email, and it have navigation.
But not anymore.
I want something bigger and better.
Now I just need to figure out how to get my mom on board with it!
(Yes my mommy still pays for my cell phone because it's cheaper than being on my own plan.)

I want to be able to blog from my phone, I want apps, I want Netflix, I want Instagram, and I want Facetime.

I have a MAC and I LOVE it and will never go to anything else.
So I can only assume that the same can be said of the Iphone.
For those of you who have Iphones, what are your thoughts?

Now on to the real reason I'm blogging today.


Here they are:

Ok so blogger is acting really weird and I'm getting frustrated.
As you can see the spacing of this last part is all stupid.
So till tomorrow!
Can't wait to see all the great things the rest of you have pinned!

See now it's deciding to work.
Love you all! :)



  1. you must get an iPhone!! I had a blackberry FOREVER and made the switch about a week ago...the best


  2. That sunglasses pin is so true!! I really love that blue dress with the brown belt.

  3. My husband hates his iPhone. He hates that it takes 10 billion years to be able to just get a call out. And he has it set up to where it doesn't use the 3g, but rather wi-fi, but our phone company keeps adding on a data pkg, because you pretty much aren't allowed to have a smartphone unless you use a data pkg. He's about to switch back to his 6 year old Sony Ericcson. He just doesn't think the iPhone is everything it's cracked up to be. It's leaps & bounds better than Blackberry, but he said if he were to get another smartphone, it'd be a Droid.

  4. I want an iPhone pretty badly too, but I have to wait for another months or so before Im eligible for an upgrade...and by then I think verizon's data packages are gonna suck :(

    I love the first pin you have on there, and the one about Target :)

  5. FIRST OF ALL- you have to get an iPhone.
    ice changing device right there ;)

    And the quote about the sunglasses cracked me up - SO TRUE hahaha


  6. Yes! You have to get an iPhone!!! I was so iffy at first but since I've had it I will never go back to anything else. I love it and there are so many possibilities with it! You definitely won't regret it!

  7. I have that Essie nail polish! I love the Target pin, I actually sent that to my boyfriend last weekend. Haha.


  8. I say YES to the iPhone...seriously its the best thing ever!! You can do everything from it! DO IT :) Happy to have found your fun blog :)

  9. Stopping by to say you have a lovely blog! I just started reading recently, now following! Love the hair pic.. I tried the braided headband look once and loved it!



    p.s. Get the iPhone!!! I LOVE mine!

  10. just like a MAC, once you get an iPhone, you'll never go back t any other phone! It's just that amazing. :D


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