Just a Quickie.

Hello pretty ladies!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
Mine was pretty good.  
I started training for my second program and I'm not gonna lie. 
I'm struggling just a tad.
Not with the whole thing, just certain portions.
But I'm def having to study the content.
It reminds me of why I HATE Physics.

On another work note, I will be working for the next 13 days straight.
Yep, that's right. 
No day off until next Friday.
Just thinking about it makes me cringe inside.

Yesterday I missed showing y'all my week of pictures.
So here they are!

1. 1/22/12:  Day spent in Celebration, FL.  My future home.
2. 1/23/12:  Celebrated 4 years with the Disney Company and got my Disney "School Picture" taken.
3. 1/24/12:  New puppy and mommy bonded already!
4. 1/25/12:  Movie night with Suz.  AMC is like my second home.

5. 1/26/12: Dinner at the Polynesian with a new friend and an old friend.
6. 1/27/12: Saw Wishes for the first time in the new year.  
7. 1/28/12:  Picked up a shift in Guest Relations and saw my ECGR bestie (for all of 5 secs!)
8. 1/29/12:  I found this pin at Downtown Disney and it made me think of my best friend in California.
She loves Cruelle and I miss her.

Alrighty ladies.
I'm keeping this one short and sweet!

I'm fixin to go drink about a gallon of hot tea and honey because I've almost completely lost my voice.
No idea why or how.
But it's gone.
It is no bueno, especially considering I have to talk...A LOT in my job.

Off I go! 



  1. Oh the Polynesian is GOOD!
    I haven't been in forever, though!

    And good luck with the job, girl!
    Keep at it :)


  2. Physics is the WORST. Honestly. Good luck with your crazy work schedule!!! You can do it :)


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