Oh How Pinteresting!

I know I said I was gonna start fresh tomorrow.

But it's Wednesday and I just spent the last hour on Pinterest SO once again I'm gonna link up with Michelle from the Vintage Apple for:


Here we go:

Source: target.com via Teri on Pinterest

Pinterest makes me oh so happy! 



  1. LOVE all of your pins! That first pin sounds just like me! :) And that outfit is adorable!

  2. hahah I really love all of your pins. I totally agree with you about books rather than shoes (esp once I get the Kindle this Xmas, it's gonna be even worse lol). I love the pin of the balloons in the shape of a heart :) And all of the other pins, let's be real :)

  3. Love that first out fit and the be classy pin!!

  4. Love the outfit and the movie quotes pin so fun!

  5. Great picks! I really love the book one, as it's true for me! Although, I do have a bit of a shoe obsession also... Anyway, I digress! The outfits & the quotes are great also! = )

    New follower!


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