It's Ok Thursday

Yesterday was the busiest day at work I have EVER seen.
Seriously there were so many people at Disney that 3 of the 4 parks CLOSED! 
As in they turned people away from the parks.
I know! Shocking!

Epcot was disgustingly busy.
Luckily I didn't have to be in the craziness that was our Lobby.
But I'm working this morning too.
Hopefully it's not AS crazy! 

Now I haven't done this link up in about 8 years so I decided to today!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's Ok: be excited for a new job but be extremely sad to leave the old one. be jealous that your brother got a trip to Vegas for Christmas and all you got was a few new clothes from Loft. (Even though I love Loft) be annoyed that only 2 of 4 roommates actually do the dishes/straightening up of the apartment. love getting gift cards for Christmas but not love giving them. be sad you're missing family Christmas/New Years for the first time EVER love your own finger nails when they look like this:

I've worked hard to get these results.  
I'm proud. feel like half your day has been wasted when you sleep past 9 am. love the cold weather that has finally graced the state of Florida with its presence the last two days.
(80 degree weather on Christmas day is just wrong.) be working all 7 days this week and not be mad because it means more money in the bank! look at prices for flights to various cities in Europe just because you live in a city that flies to those cities. be excited for Project Runway Allstars want Once Upon a Time to come back on TV again.
Oh and Modern Family too! think the new Timeline on Facebook is weird and makes it even more stalker like. be anxiously awaiting Awards Season! 
 The Golden Globes will start us off on January 15th! 
SO EXCITED!! sometimes wish your life was like a Romantic comedy.

New Years Eve is just days away.  I need to work on my resolutions.  Resolutions that I will make and not keep.  womp womp.

Happy Thursday!



  1. I hate the new timeline on facebook. Which they would stop changing things.

  2. I really need Once Upon a Time to come back asap! Your nails look great!

  3. I feel so accomplished when I get my nails perfect haha!

  4. I have one roommate and she does not clean EVER! I was excited because I got a Hoover vacuum as a present and she said "I don't like vacuums". I feel your pain but I just do it.

  5. Hi, my name is Heather! Please email me when you can, I have a question about your blog!



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