Oh How Pinteresting: Wedding Edition

It's Wednesday!

This means we are now two days away from the wedding!!
Today is full of wedding stuff.
We've got a long list of important things to get done.
Most of which involve crafting of some sort.

So in honor of the wedding I have decided to make this edition of:


a WEDDING edition.

No I'm not getting married anytime soon, I don't even have a boyfriend.
womp womp.
But I finally gave in and created a wedding pin board. 

So here are the pins I'm loving right now:

Hey a girl can dream can't she?!

Happy Wednesday lovelies!



  1. I love that third picture! So simple yet so much emotion. Cute wedding pins :)

  2. LOL! I need one that says I have wedding and engagement pins even though I'm already married :P

    I love all of these. I AM collecting ideas for a vow renewal. I'm thinking our 10th...we are about to hit our 5th.

  3. I love the engagement shots!


  4. SO CUTE!! And there is nothing wrong with pinning the pins regardless of how far in the future it may be! Im totally with you on that! How had I not seen your new design?! Its awesome!!!! LOVE it :) Your new buttons will totally fit in my side bar if you're still interested in swapping... let me know!

  5. I'm as single as single gets and I have a wedding board! Totally ok we are just female :) The elevator picture I have tagged on my wedding board and I love it! Excellent choice!

  6. These are some great pins!! I'm already married but I am STILL tempted to have a wedding board!!

    New follower :)


  7. Thanks for the wedding inspiration! I'm always looking for more.

  8. Great pins! Makes me want to get married again :)


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