Hey there strangers!

I have been a terrible blogger lately.
But I have a very good reason for it.

My cousin and her fiancee came to visit me from Friday to Sunday.
We had 3 fun filled, EXHAUSTING days at Disney.

Seriously we spent 15 hours each day running around all 4 parks.
So fun but so tiring.
Our legs and feet just about gave out by the end.

But they had a great time, thanks to your truly!

We went on a Segway tour (in the rain), we ate our way around the world, we went on a two week safari, we traveled back in time an saw some Dinosaurs, we climbed Everest and met the Yeti,  took a tour of Star Wars, went to an Aerosmith concert in a super stretch limo, stayed in a haunted hotel, and went to a Not So Scary Halloween Party!

See wouldn't you be tired after all that too?!

It was so good to see family.
Lara is my mom's sister's daughter so it's about as close to my mom as I can get!

I went as Minnie Mouse.

Lara and Karl went as Angry Birds. 
They were a HIT!
Seriously people kept asking to take pictures with them.
It was ridiculous.

My costume was nothing compared to the birds.  

Yeah I was more than a little excited!

See told ya we had a great time! :)

Oh and Happy Belated Halloween!

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