It's Ok!

It's Thursday my dears!

Which means that at this time tomorrow I will be on a plane headed for Texas!
Woo Hoo!

I will be taking my computer along for the ride so hopefully I'll be able to do a little blogging while I'm there.

But for now lets link it up with my two of my favorites for:

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK be excited that my nails are actually a pretty length now with the help of Sally Hansen Nail Growth.

...that I'm not working a single day next week so my paycheck will be literally nothing. wake up earlier then you have to so you can sit on the couch on drink coffee in the mornings. have already gone to a Christmas party. hate packing. wish money grew on trees. absolutely LOVE the new ABC show Once Upon A Time but still be confused as to where the show is going. have finally given in and created a Wedding Board on Pinterest, even though I am no where near/not even close to getting married anytime soon. (what a depressing thought.) be so grateful to one of best friends, Kelly, who works for Southwest Airlines and was sweet enough to give me a Buddy Pass so I wouldn't have to pay for my flight to Texas. BUT to be super nervous that I won't get home on Saturday because I have to be on standby list and there aren't many seats left on my return flights. be over the moon happy for my Best Friend Monica who is getting married next Friday!

...that I finally realized that my "good side" in pictures is  my left side.  So from now on I will always insist that I be on the left when taking photos. hit the "View Blog" button just so I can look at my blog design.  Seriously I LOVE it.

Alrighty kids, that's all I got for now.
The next time I see you (I mean write to you) I will be in Tejas! 



  1. You've already gone to a Christmas party! I'm so jealous.

  2. Yay for Christmas parties already! We have one next weekend. So the Sally Hanson Nail Growth stuff works? I so may need to try it :)

  3. Already went to a Christmas party? Lucky girl. I would love to go to one right now. Hmm, I need to borrow some of your friends for the holiday season because none of mine seem to care to until the week of, I like celebrating for 2 months straight!

    I hope you have a great day. I just found your blog through the link-up. I love it and I'm looking forward to following you! :)

  4. It's so cool to run across other people who are looking forward to Christmas like I am!!! I want to go to a Christmas party right now! :)

    And I finally watched Once Upon a Time for the first time tonight! We've been recording it and I was able to convince my husband to sit through it with me. :) I can't wait to watch the rest!

    Found you on ITS OK Thursday!!


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