Give Kids the World

Last week I volunteered at our Give Kids the World Village.

Disney works very closely with the Make a Wish Foundation and Give Kids the World.
So when a fellow cast member said he was getting together a group of Epcot Guest Relations people to go and volunteer one night, I knew I had to do it.

We weren't sure what we would be doing at first, only that we would be helping out with their parade.

Then we got there we found out that we wouldn't just be helping out with their parade, we'd be

That's right, we all got to put on Christmas costumes and walk in a parade!

We waved to all the kids and their families, we took pictures with the kids, and we danced with them.
It was so much fun.

My costume was a Christmas caroler. Which had the most of the kids asking,
"What are you."

But then we had polar bears, a snow man, a christmas tree, reindeer. 
Basically any christmas character you can think of.

The kids were so sweet and excited to see all of us.  We danced to Christmas music and took pictures.
I have so much admiration for all those families and for the founders of Give Kids the World/Make a Wish.

Here was the beginning of the parade.

Our group!

We had so much fun!

When animals attack.  In a friendly way of course! :)

I will definitely be volunteering there again soon.  
In fact, if you've never volunteered with them before and you have a chapter in your hometown I highly encourage you to.  
You will fall in love with every child you see there.

They are such inspiration.  

I promise you will not regret it! :)


  1. Make-A-Wish kids loved you, I'm sure! We have 62 chapters nationwide so I'm sure there are plenty of opportunities out there for your readers. BECOME VOLUNTEER WISHGRANTERS!! It will change your life.


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