Pins Make Me Happy

Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday.
Also known as Hump Day.
Which in my opinion sounds very inappropriate but whatev.

This morning I had an audition.
But honestly that is all I'm gonna say because it can be used for a whole other post.

So on to:


Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Source: via Jenna on Pinterest

Source: via Kathleen on Pinterest

I hope y'all have a great Wednesday!
I'm off to spend another day and more money at the Food and Wine Festival! :)



  1. I'm loving your pins, and your blog! I wish I had cream bedding now...Haha. It just looks so elegant!

  2. A fellow cast member with a kick booty blog?! Yes, please, and thank you!! I love your pins and I am happy to be a new follower!! Can't wait to peruse your blog more and check out your experiences in our magical little world!

  3. Love them! :)

    Especially the Einstein quote, Joey voice and hey y'all!!


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