It's Ok Thursday

Is it bad that I look forward to Wednesday and Thursdays mostly because I get to link up with my two favorite link up parties and thus don't really have to put much thought into a post.

Well...sawry...that's one of the reasons I LOVE Wednesdays and Thursdays!

So it being Thursday, it is time for:

Its Ok Thursdays

With Neely and Amber!

It's OK: eat a sandwich that has turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and gravy in it.
(It's the Holiday Sandwich from The Earl of Sandwich and it's super yummy) to annoyed with selfish people. hate when dirty dishes get left in the sink for extended periods of time and none of them are your dishes and you end up washing/putting them in the dishwasher anyway. love going to double features at the movie theatre.
50/50 is a must see.
Dream House. please don't waste your money, wait till comes out on video. get annoyed when you go to the mall and WANT to spend money but you hate everything you try on. hate getting ready for work, but LOVE being AT work. be slightly embarrassed that you read romance novels but can't seem to stop reading them. be excited you're getting a whole new blog design soon! listen to Christmas music in the car.  Hey Christmas is right around the corner! not understand guys.
 Like at all. be excited that Boy Meet World season 7 is finally out on DVD.

Alrighty that's all I got.
Sometimes these are hard to think of.
Maybe I should start writing them down throughout the week so I don't forget them when it's time to write this post.


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