Goin Courtin

Yesterday my roommate and I spent a lazy morning drinking coffee and watching this:

I love old movies. Especially old movie musicals.
And this is one of my all time favorites.

The movie is about 7 brothers who decide it's time to get married.
Well one decides he needs a wife and then rest aren't too far behind him.
Sorry I'm terrible at telling what a movie is about with giving away the whole plot.

Anyway, there is this one song in particular that I just love.

(I can't find a video that I can embed on here, so click the link)

The song is called "Goin Courtin"
Milly (the main female lead) is teaching the brothers how to court a girl.

She talks about being sweet to a girl, setting the right scene to woo a girl, how to talk to a girl, how to dance with a girl, and how to respect a girl. 

All while courting a girl.

What happened to that concept?
When guys didn't just say "Wanna hang out?" as their way of saying I want to spend time with you.
When dancing didn't involve grinding your pelvis' together. 
When just holding hands was a thrill.

Watching that scene and the one that follows (which involves and amazing dance scene and a barn raising):

Totally makes me which I lived in the 1890s.
I don't care that life in wilderness probably was awful.
This movie makes it totally doable and picturesque. 

Le sigh.

I totally want to be courted.

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  1. old movies are the best. my favorites are singing in the rain, and easter parade, it makes me wish for days like that when we had to dress up fancier and were more proper

  2. This is my favorite musical EVER! It's so sweet! I have it saved on my DVR and watch it all the time!


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