It's Ok Thursday

Link up number two with Neely and Amber is:

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK: love  blog challenges because they make it so you don't have to actually think of your own blog posts. be excited you're going to have breakfast with Mickey Mouse. 
(Yes I am 6 years old at heart) be angry that you were supposed to have early access to Pottermore and you still haven't gotten your Welcome e-mail and everyone else in the world is getting access on Oct. 1. plan a whole meal for dinner and then get too lazy to go to the store so you eat ramen instead. spend the entire day either on blogger or Pinterest. wish you were craftier. think it's kinda stupid that they are opening an Avatar world at Disney's Animal Kingdom at Disney World. wait to do laundry until all you have left is bathing suit bottoms. quote movie lines all the time. strongly dislike some of the people you work with. have a love/hate relationship with your car. make of list of all the things your going to buy when you have paid all your bills for the month. be sick of your blog layout and want a whole new one.
(Anyone know any good blog designers out there?) announce that if I get 5 more followers I'M GONNA HAVE A GIVAWAY! :)

Till tomorrow you crazy kids!

(Yeah I still need to figure out how to create signature)


  1. I don't think breakfast with a disney character could ever get old!

  2. yes! someone else does the bathing suit bottom thing! : ]

  3. I'm just going to nod my head over here and agree entirely.

  4. Happy Thursday! I am visiting from Brunch With Amber!!

    I totally make a list of things I'm going to buy when my bills are paid. The sad thing is, i sometimes skip a bill so i can get that something I really, really wanted! LOL


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