Fabulous Fall Day 5: What I'm Looking Forward to Most

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

For Day 5 we get to talk about all that we are looking forward to for the Fall.

Here goes:

1. Fall decorations that we just started putting up YESTERDAY! 
Read the post right below this and you'll see that I was Miss fall crafty pants!

2. Cooler weather...NOT! 
Let me clarify,  I live in Florida.
So while it wont be cooler per say, it will at least not be humid.
Which means my hair will be happy!

3. Wearing there boots that I'm buying ASAP from Target:

4. Thanksgiving.
Oh wait, this will be my first Thanksgiving EVER where I'm not with my family.
I'm not looking forward to that.

This was our family pic from last Thanksgiving.

5. One of my best friends wedding! She's getting married on November 18th!
I'm one of the MOH.
Click here to read about it!

6. Darker nail polish.

7. The fact that my cousin and her fiance are coming to Disney World!
Their  coming at the end of October and this will be their first trip here!

Yep, so many fun things to look forward to this fall! 

PS. Today is OFFICIALLY the First Day of Fall!

Have a Fun Filled Fall Weekend!

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  1. Just found you on Amber's link up! Fun blog--I'm so looking forward to thanksgiving too--especially all the food. :) I'm a recent college grad too!


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