Day 4: Seven Wants

Seven Wants:

1. I want Texas and Florida to be neighbor states.  Sadly this can NEVER happen, but hey a girl can dream right?

2. I want to fall in love.  The can't eat, can't sleep, over the fence, world series kinda love!

3. I want a kitten or a puppy.  But not until I have a space big enough.  Well I do have the space for a kitten but I really don't want a litter box, so yeah.

4.  I want my friends and family to be happy.

5. I want to teach overseas.  This will get me back to England and to see the rest of Europe!

6. I want a new car.

7.  I want my Pottermore welcome e-mail so I can get my early access.  

I'm dying to get into that website! 

1 comment

  1. I want a lot of the same things. I'm always thinking about going to school in England for my Master's... sigh.


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