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Yes, it is that time again.

Work update!

I have something super exciting to share about work today though.  Well actually two things.

First, I (along with 7 others, yep 7 out of about 75 people who also signed up to be on this team) was chosen to be part of the 2011 International Food and Wine festival team at Epcot!

Now, what is the Food and Wine Festival? It is this super fun festival that Epcot hosts every year to celebrate the various foods we have around the world.  It takes place around the World Showcase, where kiosks get set up between the permanent pavilions we have. At the kiosks they sell different foods and wines from different countries.  They also have several cooking related demonstrations that feature famous chefs.

Being part of the Food and Wine team means that some of my shifts will take place at the Wonders of Life Pavilion.  That is the main hub of the festival.  Basically by the end of this festival I will be an expert in all things food and wine related! 

The point is this is a huge deal that I was one of the ones chosen for the team, because again only 8 of us are chosen! So I am super excited to start! 

My other big news is that I FINALLY got my D pin!  
The Guest Relations D-pin is a gold Disney D with the words Guest Relations written on the bottom.

It is the last little piece of my costume that I wear each day.  It is what completes our outfits.  It is what officially says that I am a Guest Relations Cast Member. 

We had this cute little ceremony where they presented each of us with our pins and then we signed the "Guest Relations Yearbook."  
Now we'll always be part of the Epcot Guest Relations family.

 That's Joshua, he's silly.

And he makes me laugh! :)

Well toodles for now! 

Hope you all have a fantabulous Monday! 

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  1. wow girl that is a huge accomplishment if you were one of 8, wow!! hope you enjoy the food and wine festival and hope it doesn't work you to the bone :-) you look so cute in your photos


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