Baby Brother's Birthday

Today is my little brother's BIRTHDAY!

I say little but today he's 22.  Not so little anymore.

I'm sad though because August is a big month for my family.
It's my dad's, mom's, brother's, cousin's, grandmother's, two aunt's, AND one of my uncle's birthdays.
Not not to mention my parent's anniversary!

And I've missed out on all of it.  Only negative thing about moving to Florida is that my family didn't move with me.  
Too bad Texas can't be next to Florida.

Happy 22nd Birthday Drew! I love you!

Baby Drew and my Grandad

Grandparents with me and Drew.

Disney World 2008
(The couple who took this picture thought my brother and I were a couple. Um GROSS. He's my brother. Which we vehemently reiterated to them several times.)

The parentals and the kids.

Till tomorrow friends! :)


  1. awkwardly enough, my brother and i get mistaken as a couple wayyy to frequently. gross. I made the suggestion more than once that we need to wear shirts when we go out together: ----->he's my brother/ <-----she's my sister

    haha, happy birthday to your brother!


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