Mad About Plaid

Time for a work update.

Things are still going great at work.  I'm finally getting into the full swing of things and have even made a little bit of magic here and there! 

I've also gotten yelled at.  Not for anything I personally did, but for random things that upset people while they're in the parks.  I had one lady come and complain to me that she thought it was unfair to charge an 18% gratuity at one of our dining locations.  Said dining location is a buffet and she said that they're waiter didn't do anything to warrant 18% gratuity.  I pointed out to her that he did come and clear their plates as well as bring and re-fill their drinks.  

She still thought it was unfair and just wanted to voice her complaint.  So she voiced it and moved on.

The entire time I just nodded and listened. Because honestly that is all most people want.  Is to vent. Then they're happy to go on their way.

Anyway, other than a few minor incidences, work is fantastic.

Over at Epcot, we interns have the opportunity to audition to give tours (this is something that the other interns in other parks don't get to partake in) so on Thursday, my fellow interns and I went on one of the tours we can audition for.

It was a Segway Tour of the World Showcase.
It was AMAZING. 

A segway is a machine that is used as a type of transportation.  You use your body weight to steer the segway and the segway itself uses some type of balance deal to help you stay balanced on it.  
(Sorry I don't know any of the scientific terms. Fail.)

I was super nervous and kept having this vision of putting too much weight on the back of my feet and totally falling off it and breaking something.  Thankfully that did not happen and the Segway turned out to be super easy to ride.

We went around the park, but spent most of our time in the World Showcase. 

I can't wait to audition to actually be the Tour Guide for this! 

Our Segway Group


And we topped off a great afternoon with lunch in at Le Chefs de France! :)

Seriously sometimes I can't believe just how much I love my job.

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