I'm really in the mood to blog.   But in all honestly I have no idea what to blog about at the moment.

Haven't done anything super exciting except work the last couple days.  So I'm just gonna give a random assortment of things that have happened/what I'm excited about happening!

- I "Earned my Ears!"  I know, you're thinking, "What the heck does that mean?"
Well that means that I passed all my training for Guest Relations! Go ME! 
But it also means that I am totally on my own now.  Kinda scary.  Everyone is very helpful though and I have no problem asking anyone a question when I have one.

Here is a picture of a few of my EC Guest Relations peeps:

(Sorry I'm too lazy right now to jazz this pic up)

-  My best friend Ashley finally booked her flight to come and see me!! 
She'll be here the first week of August and we have some super fun stuff planned.
We're going to St. Augustine, we're doing Disney World (obvi), and we're going to 
See I've been to Orlando twice since that magical place opened and I've resisted going because Ashley and I promised each other that our first time there would be together.  Because no one really understands our obsession with Harry Potter like we do.  
Harry Potter is what first bonded Ashley and me.  Seriously, that might sound totally and completely dorking but it is 100% true.  

Allow me to demonstrate:

 YES....this is us at the book 7 midnight release party at Barnes and Noble (my favorite store in the world)
YES....we had a party to celebrate beforehand at Ashely's house where we decorated with HP party decorations, made chocolate frogs, butterbear, acid pops, and pumpkin pasties,  and decorated the fireplace with all of Ashley's Harry Potter merchandise.  (She has enough HP stuff to fill up her own store)
YES....we wore matching S.P.E.W shirts.
YES.....we took a picture with a cardboard cutout of Harry Potter.  But that is nothing, at the midnight release party for book 5, they had a cut out where you could put your face next to Harry's.  Sorry no picture for that.

I'm telling you we are OBSESSED and I LOVE it!

(Yeah I was that excited.  My smile is huge.)

- Speaking of Harry Potter, in two days (49 hours and 39 minutes to be exact) I will be sitting in a theatre waiting to watch the final Harry Potter movie.  I am too excited for words.  I literally do not know to accurately put my excitement into words.  
Therefore I will hold off until I can post pictures from that night to show my excitement. 

Ok now that I have just given y'all the most random post ever (that actually turned into a let me show you how obsessed I am with Harry Potter post) .

Until next time! :) 

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