Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mad about the Plaid!

I've now had two days of training in Guest Relations.

Days 1 and 2 were just basic overview of all that Guest Relations can do.  We'll be getting more training over the next two weeks.  But I cannot even begin to explain how amazing my job is going to be!

I can't say too much, but lets just say, I will be making all kinds of MAGIC!

I am so honored to be able to do what I do! Hopefully I will be able to share some of my stories with you all.  I heard some from our Guest Relations trainers and let me tell you, the water works were FLOWING!

I'm getting to work with a great group of people.  There are only 4 other Professional Interns at EPCOT, which surprised me.  But all 24 of the GR interns (from all the parks) are all great.  We have a good group and are gonna have a blast! 

Here are all 24 of us!

And these are my fellow EPCOT peeps.  

Saturday we'll get a tour of EPCOT and that's when I'll get my costume! (Yes, pictures will be posted!)

OH get excited because my roommate Suzanne and I did some major crafting on Sunday for the apartment and so my next post is going to be showcasing our craftiness! : )

I make MAGIC for living,

Friday, June 24, 2011

My New Life

Oh my goodness it has been entirely too long since I've blogged.  And for those of you who read this I know you've missed me terribly! :)

Ok so TONS has happened since that June 1st entry.

What has happened you ask? Well here goes:

1. Mom and I drove out to Florida! We made a stop in New Orleans which was fun (but not really my scene, if I'm being completely honest)  Oh and I had to get a whole new compressor for my AC, now that was fun...NOT!  But we had a good time anyway.

2. We made it ORLANDO! Yes, I am a Floridian! For now anyway.

3. We got my bed and all the living room furniture for a crazy good price! All I have to say is you gotta love Goodwill and friends who are moving!: )

4. Abby and Whitney came to Florida for a few days! We played in the Disney parks, we laughed, we cried, we might have argued just a tad, and of course we had a blast! 

5. My new bedroom is coming together very nicely and I will post pictures of that AND the rest of the apartment soon. 

6. CHECK IN day finally arrived for my internship AND I got my first official schedule for my new job! So excited for that! I start bright and early Monday morning! Not gonna lie, I'm might be more than a little nervous!  Wish me luck!

Everything in FL is going amazing so far! I love my new apartment, my new roommates, and just 
my new life in general! 

I'm going to try and be loads better about blogging.  I really enjoy it (even if no one really reads it! lol)

I have tons more free time (other than work of course) but no more tests to study/write, no more papers to write/grade, nada! 


I'll show y'all some fun pictures from the last two weeks soon! 

Ta for now! :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy June!

Ok Ladies and Gents its JUNE!

That means I have:

10 days until I start to drive here:

10 days until I can call her my roommate again:

12 days until I get to see this girl again (the tall red head on the left!):

13 days until I see her again:

14 days until I'm here:

15 days until I'm here:

and 22 days until I'm here:

getting my training schedule for here:

Yep June is going to be pretty epic!