My Summer Reading List

Ok so I'm at the point right now where I'm really anxious to move to Florida.

School is over and I don't have much to do at home.  Just kinda relax before the super stressful week of moving starts.  So on my last day in San Marcos, my roommates and my best friend Monica and I went to Target (MY FAVORITE STORE EVER).

We were browsing the book section and I stumbled on 7 books that I want to read.  

Thank goodness I have a NookColor (the best invention EVER) because I was able to take pictures of the covers of all the books that caught my eye and find them on my Nook.  

Then I downloaded the samples of each book and now with just a tap of my finger, I have these books immediately! 

I love it! 

So to make this post short, here is my summer reading list:
(please excuse my ugly, unpolished thumb)

These book will be read in no particular order, but I am starting with My Jane Austen Summer in honor of my wonderful, lovely and Jane Austen obsessed friend Whitney (please check out her blog its super cute and fun)  I love her! :)

Ta for now,

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  1. I love my shout out!! Thanks girl!! Jane Austen has my heart. Let me know if the book is good :)


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