Still no word from Disney.  

I have to say, as it gets closer and closer to May 1st, I get just a little more nervous and worried! 

But I am trying my very best to stay positive.  I'm moving to Florida regardless and will work for Disney regardless, but I don't think I have ever wanted anything as much as I want this Professional Internship.

All I gotta do is have a little FAITH and TRUST! :)  
(And I sure could use some Pixie Dust!) :)

So in honor of this nice little waiting game I'm playing with Disney, here are some of my favorite pictures from the happiest place on earth! 

Spending some time in England! :) 

Meeting the boss! :)
One of our first nights together at Magic Kingdom.

Happy Birthday ABBY! :)

Last day a Magic Kingdom.

Day o Fun at the beach! 

Christmas time at MK!

Celebrating my birthday! :)
See these pretty ladies? They will be my roommates come June! :)

I have something exciting thing to blog about but I just need to upload some pictures and then I'll tell yall all about it in my next post. 

In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed for me! :)


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