I'm 23! Wait what?!

Wow has it been a crazy couple of weeks.  Sorry it has been so long since I've blogged.  I know all of you have missed me! 

Here is what I have been up:

1. Student teaching (Duh) and still loving it. (I only have 6 weeks left and I am super excited!)

2. I had only whole week off (my last Spring Break EVER) and I went home.

3. Me and Jenny went with Ashley and a bunch of her female relatives to watch Ashley try on wedding dresses for the very first time! :)  It was so exciting watching her try on beautiful dress after beautiful dress.  Of course she looked amazing in every dress she tried on, but I think she found the one! 
So happy for you Ashley!

4. Me, Jenny and Ashley went to the Zoo! 

Yep March 18th was my 23rd birthday.  Had a super yummy dinner at Olive Garden with my best friends. 
I had a very special surprise waiting for me when I got back to the little yellow house on Sunday night. My roommates got me my favorite meal from Taco Cabana, made me a birthday cake (and sang Happy Birthday of course), and they even decorated my room for me with balloons and streamers and a super cute sign!  It was so sweet.  I have the best roommates EVER!

23 is going to be FABULOUS!

6. While I still haven't heard anything about the Professional Internships I've applied for with Disney (don't worry, NO NEWS IS STILL GOOD NEWS) 
I did get my offer to do another College Program.  I was offered the Character Attendant role, which is really exciting because that means I would be in Entertainment, for the Fall Advantage program.  

So if I don't get the PI (please keep your fingers crossed that I do though) I will definitely be going back to Florida anyway on another College Program.

Oh one more thing I have to mention is that it is finally SPRING TIME and I could not be more excited! Time to break out the cute springtime dresses and flats! WOO HOO!  :)

Well there ya go.  That is my update! I promise the next post will be something more fun! :)

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