To Teach is to Touch a Life Forever

Student teaching is going better than I could have ever hoped.  Save for Disney, I know that I am meant to teach.  I am having a blast teaching.

My students are crazy, fun, and totally smart.  

They ask questions, they are interested, and they are respectful.  
(Well not all of them, but hey they're teenagers, so we gotta cut them a little slack right.)

I truly believe I have found the right career.  Unfortunately for me, the teaching situation is getting worse, so the likely hood of me finding a teaching job when I graduate is slim.

(Enter DISNEY! My other true love! :) )  

I cannot tell you how it feels to be in front of a class talking about World War II and have them be genuinely interested in what you are saying.  Every time one of them does well on a quiz or test, or just answers a question right I get so happy.  It means they are listening and taking in everything I am saying.  

I have to give a lot of credit to Mr. M.  He has been teaching for almost 30 years.  His Power points are amazing, he knows tons of fun facts, and the student love him.  I hope I can be the kind of teach Mr. M is.  He is definitely a great teacher and I would love for my students to view me as they view him.

So here are a few inspirational teaching quotes that I've stumbled on:

This one is my favorite: 


  1. Kathleen, this is so cute! I want you to be my teacher in high school!

  2. Just wait till I am teaching in Florida!! :) Lol Then it will be like you're in my class because that is all I will be talking about! :)


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