Dream it. Do it. DISNEY!

On Friday I took the next step in my Disney career.  

I applied for three Professional Internships at the Walt Disney Resort!

Now don't get me wrong, I love to teach. But ever since I did the Disney College Program in 2008 and then again in 2009 I have wanted to work there again.  

Not only that but it is highly unlikely that I will find a teaching job right after I graduate.  So doing a Professional Internship is the perfect in between job.  Plus, I am still totally obsessed with living in Florida. 

Unfortunately the internship I really wanted, the YES Program Internship, is not looking for interns for the Spring.  So the plan now is to apply for the following internships:

1. College and International Programs Education Coordinator
2. Disney Traditions Intern
3. Guest Relations

Hopefully I will get one of the those and then what I plan to do is apply for the YES Program in October! 

Either way this will get me down to Florida where I will be living with Suzanne, Sara, and perhaps Kelly.  I also plan on getting certified to teach in Florida so that way if Disney doesn't work out I have two different states to look for a job in.

Next I have to call and set up a phone interview and then we will see what happens from there!
I am so excited though, I know I have done everything possible to ensure that I get an internship.

I've done meet and greets with Disney leaders and I've worked on my resume for months.  I

Lets just hope all my hard work pays off! :)

Here are a few quotes from Walt Disney, he is the creator of this amazing company and is a true inspiration! 


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