And the Oscar Goes To.......

I absolutely adore movies.  All kinds of movies.  Romantic comedies, action, horror (some anyway), animation, historical, musicals, classic movies, name it and I'll watch it.

In fact my all time favorite thing to do it go to the movies.  

There is nothing like sitting in a dark theatre, with a big screen and surround sound, eating popcorn and drinking a soda.  Either by myself or with a big group of people going to the movies is fun.

I love the stories that can be told through movies.  The love stories, the funny stories, the incredibly sad stories, even the "ok that world NEVER happen" stories.

When you're watching a movie you can leave your life for just a few hours and enter the lives of the characters on screen. Oh my goodness I love it.

So since I love movies, my favorite time of the year is awards season! 

It last from the end of January till the end of February and consists of:

The Golden Globes

The Screen Actors Gild Awards


In fact the  Oscars are TONIGHT! Yes I am super super excited!

And I've seen at least half of the films that are nominated tonight, so that makes me even more excited.

Who do I think are going to win tonight's top awards?

Best Actress: Natalie Portman for Black Swan

Best Actor: Colin Firth for The King's Speech (which is AMAZING and he totally deserves it)

Best Picture: This is a tough one.  I really think that either the King's Speech or Inception (which totally got jipped this year in everything) however I think this top award is gonna go to The Social Network.

So those are my predictions.  We will see if I'm right or not tonight!! 

Oh and I am super excited to see all the amazing clothes (swoon).

Lights, Camera, Action,

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